“Where’s your soul, if you don’t love funky music, but wait – listen to this group of toe tappers with mixed grooves – you’ll smile and get bounce in your step.” Playlist

Alexa Hampton, DJ

“Let the wine geeks go all esoteric in their oenophilia. For me, the joy of Château Simard 2004 is simple. As Saint-Émilions go, it epitomizes an attainable classic. More important, it elevates the everyday.”


“When your birthday approaches, just queue up the tunes and dance. For me, the rock of ages is classic '80s synth-pop. Thomas Dolby, The Thompson Twins, Blondie, The Clash, Devo? YES. Whip it. Whip it good!” Playlist 

Alexa Hampton, DJ

“Sips vs. Shots? No contest! Avión’s extra añejo tequila Reserva 44 is as ultra-premium as ultra-premium gets, crystal bottle and all. But the real proof of beauty here? That comes in the savoring.”

Alexa Hampton, Tequilier

“Style porn. Design porn. Food porn. Italy. As eye candy – and instant staycation – director Luca Guadagnino’s spellbindingly sexy I Am Love (2009) can’t be beat. Tilda Swinton mesmerizes in this modern family melodrama set among the Milanese haute bourgeoisie.”

Alexa Hampton, Film Critic
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